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Naive Wood Factory

Dining table U-legs


This beautiful dining table is so simple and minimalist, that it will suit any design interior. The tabletop is processed with a special oil mix. It is resistant to hot temperatures, so you will not get traces of hot mugs on it. Legs can be white, black or lacquer varnished.

We are happy to offer you our products, made by hands and from our hearts. It is simple and comfortable. All our items are made unique and original, due to used material all has its character.
 Production of this item takes 3 weeks
We can do practically any size of the coffee table you need. The lead time for custom orders is about 3 to 4 weeks.
Shipping costs:
Latvia - 180x80x75cm - 40Eur, 200x90x75cm - 40Eiur, 220x90x75cm -50Eur
Germany - 180x80x75cm - 55Eur, 200x90x75cm - 75Eur, 220x90x75cm -75Eur
United Kingdom - 180x80x75cm - 88 Eur, 200x90x75cm - 88Eur, 220x90x75cm -88Eur
Belgium - 180x80x75cm - 55Eur, 200x90x75cm - 75Eur, 220x90x75cm -75Eur
Netherlands - 180x80x75cm - 60Eur, 200x90x75cm - 75Eur, 220x90x75cm -75Eur
 shipping costs are given for the most popular destinations, so please contact us before purchase for international shipping rates, as they may vary depending on the city.

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